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What are people saying about the Stewards of Children training?

"This was an excellent training! I feel that everyone should have it, regardless if they work with children on a daily basis or not." January 2012


"It gave me great ideas on parenting and how to protect my children from being victims of child sexual abuse." January 2012


"I had no idea about the prevalence of child sexual abuse! My eyes are now open and they need to be." November 2011

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About Stewards of Children

Stewards of Children is a sexual abuse prevention program aimed at teaching adults to recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The Stewards of Children training program was designed by Darkness to Light, a national organization, with the mission to empower people to prevent child sexual abuse.  The vision of Darkness to Light and the Early Intervention and Prevention Initiative, is a world free of child sexual abuse.


The program includes:

  • An interactive workbook for each participant.
  • A 1 hr. 10 min. DVD integrating a mix of survivor stories, expert advice and practical guidance for preventing child sexual abuse.
  • Open discussion about making choices, taking risks and supporting each other to prevent child sexual abuse.
  • Simple strategies to prevent and respond to sexual abuse through Darkness to Light's 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children:
    • Learn The Facts
    • Minimize Opportunity
    • Talk About It
    • Recognize The Signs
    • React Responsibly


The curriculum can be used by any adult, organization or business that wants:

  • Evidence-based training in the prevention of child sexual abuse.
  • To make a difference in their community by educating adults about the protection of children.
  • To respond to insurance requirements regarding child protection.


After the training participants will:

  • Understand the facts of child sexual abuse - incidence rates and effects on individuals and society.
  • Understand how child sexual abuse happens, and that adults are responsible for the protection of children.
  • Have resources to react responsibly to incidents of abuse.
  • Understand the proactive role youth-serving organizations must take to protect children and educate their communities about child sexual abuse.